Saturday, March 1, 2008

MTLA Recruits Volunteer Legal Consultants

Knowledge is Survival

Massachusetts Transgender Legal Advocates (MTLA)—Massachusetts’ only free legal clinic dedicated to serving low-income transgender people—needs your help. Please consider signing up as a consultant to share your legal expertise with the clinic’s law student advocates. Your participation will help ensure MTLA’s sustainability and success.

Since opening the clinic in January, the all-volunteer law student advocates of MTLA have handled a high caseload. We are seeking attorneys in all areas of law to add to our consultation list to provide us with legal support and advice. If we can call on you when we have a legal question, please email your name, email, phone number, and area of legal expertise (e.g. immigration, family law, employment, housing) to (or leave us a voicemail message at 617-450-1353).

Our transgender clients face a wide range of serious legal challenges, both related and unrelated to gender identity. If MTLA can turn to you for consultations and legal advice, what you know might mean housing instead of homelessness, stability instead of poverty, or safety instead of violence.

MTLA is an independent organization supported by TransCEND (a project of Cambridge Cares about AIDS), AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Meet Our First Group of Advocates

From the left:
Liz Monnin-Browder, BC '10
Jess Sutton, BU '09
M. Barusch, BU '09
Laura Langley, Bingham
Sam Senft, Northeastern '08
Richard Juang, Northeastern '10
Ashley Mauldin, Northeastern '08
Bri Lacy, Northeastern '09

Not Pictured: Supervisor Denise McWilliams, AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts

Photo by Marilyn Humphries